November 4-November 10

Sunday, November 4: Combat Core TapOut XT

Monday, November 5: Zumba!!

Tuesday, November 5: Strength and Upper Force TapOutXT

Wednesday, November 7: Plyo TapOut XT

Thursday, November 8: Rest day

Friday, November 9: 2 mile walk and weight training

Saturday, November 10: 3 miles at the park

I was extremely excited I got off work early on Monday, just in time to make it to my favorite Zumba class! I haven’t been able to go to my favorite instructor for a while. If you haven’t tried zumba, I would definitely recommend it. It definitely it is a personal preference, but I love high intensity cardio (jumping and consistent movements); however, if you aren’t in to that, I am sure you can find an instructor that will fit your level of fitness. The classes are so much fun because you get to dance with tons of other people(motivation itself), listen to new music, and jump around- all while getting in a good workout! This week was pretty relaxing, however college worries are starting to get in the way. :/ I’m so conflicted with decisions, so I’m glad I had some great workouts to relieve that stress! Stress is not fun at all, and running is the best treatment for it…in my opinion (: Hope you had an awesome week!

5 thoughts on “November 4-November 10

    1. You should definitely try sometime with a friend for fun! It’ll eventually just seem like a fun activity and not work 😉 looks like you had An exciting week as well getting to enjoy those goodies, I definitely want to try goraw products after seeing them on your blog! Have an awesome rest of the week!!

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