Healthy living-not dieting

“I’m starting my diet today!” How many times have you used this phrase? How many times do you follow through with this idea? If you ask me, I think it’s funny when people say this because I think diets are silly. Often times when people diet, they eliminate important nutrients for the body. If people realized they could eat as much as they wanted and still lose weight, dieting would not be the word, it would be call healthy living and everyone would do it. I do this as a rule of thumb in my life because I think restrictions make people feel controlled and stressed. When you’re stressed you’re tempted to eat worse and often times you will gain weight. See: Stress and weight gain. When you have the availability to eat whatever you want without restrictions, often times, you’ll eat less.

I hope you take this into consideration and try eating healthy foods without limiting your intake. When I say healthy—I mean fruits, whole grains, lean proteins, yogurt, nuts, and good for you foods, not greasy fast food. I can’t even remember the last time I had fast food, but I know my stomach doesn’t like the smell of it. It’s funny how eating healthy for a while can make your body react negatively towards unhealthy smells and foods. Your body will thank you for eating healthier and you’ll start feeling and looking better.

It’s really not that hard to eat healthy, there are tons of available options that will allow you to fulfill each craving. Sweets-fruits and natural honey or greek yogurts, dried fruit, Dark chocolate is good in moderation. Cocoa actually has great antioxidant benefits. Salty and Crunchy-light popcorn, nuts-great oils for the body from their outer layers. Pasta- Whole wheat, or spaghetti squash. Bread and grains- Whole wheat pitas/bread/tortillas. Snacks- yogurt, frozen yogurt, protein shakes/bars, vegetables with light dip or hummus, peanut butter and crackers, fruit, turkey slices. Don’t forget protein is key* to helping you stay satisfied, so incorporate at least twenty grams in your breakfast/lunch/dinner meals. Check out: Why protein

I’m reading a book called Eat To Live, it focuses on how changing the way you eat will allow you to live a better life and sustain long term weight loss. It’s extremely intriguing and talks about how many patients the author has seen overcome diseases and stop taking their medications because they don’t need them anymore after having a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle. I encourage everyone to read it, you will find so many interesting facts about the world of health and nutrition. Eat well and live happily (:

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