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21 Day Fix: Week 2 review


The 21 day fix is making my week so much easier! Aside from the health aspect, my mind is so much clearer being organized with my meals 🙂 I’ve been using a lot more shakeology recipes, the one on the left is a strawberry-pineapple shake 🙂 so yummy!

What I’ve really liked this week: There have been a few times when I’ve gone out to eat with family or friends and I wondered if it would work with the guidelines of the 21 day fix, and it really does! I had a grilled chicken salad from subway with tons of veggies and cheese, a grilled shrimp salad with goat cheese and apples and pretzel bread from one of my favorite local restaurants, trail mix and yogurt from the gas station because I was on the go, and a steak dinner the first week of the 21 day fix at Outback steakhouse. Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 5.06.54 PM

What keeps me motivated: Doing things I like, eating things I like, and remembering to stay on track to inspire others what this awesome program can do. It’s the internal motivation that matters most, remembering WHY you’re doing something and how it affects you positively.

The workouts: I seriously love the workouts that Autumn Calabrese has, her total body cardio fix is incredible and same with the cardio extreme for getting a really good sweat on. Her interval style training makes time go by faster, allows you to work at your own pace and she also provides modifications when you need to slow down and listen to your body. I will do those in the morning and lift at night because I enjoy lifting. They’re only thirty minutes long, so its easy to get up and do it, then shower, make my shakeology or breakfast and head to class! I even like the pilates one, which is unusual for me because I’m so used to high intensity workouts, but I feel like all the workouts have really effective exercises, which makes me happy 🙂

What have I been eating: I’ve been better at sticking to the meal plan this week, sometimes FullSizeRender-2I will forget to have both fruit containers and have an extra carb container instead because its the same macronutrient. I’ve indulged in bagels, which isn’t something I normally eat, but it works with the plan, so I’m trusting that :). I’ve been eating out, like I said earlier a few times, which has been nice because I still get to stay involved with social events and activities with friends without worrying if there will be options. The 21 day fix book also has an information sheet about what containers to mark off for the meal from restaurants. Below is a spread sheet  I used to track my meals/containers! (click to enlarge)

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 5.19.08 PM

DONT FORGET: I will be doing a 21 day fix challenge and help coaching the group that does it with me starting on June 8th! Get your package today by e-mailing how and what’s all included in the 21 day fix at . I’m so excited to help others with this program because it is so effective and worth it! It’s only the beginning of summer, get on the right start with the 21 day fix with me! You won’t be disappointed and if you are, it’s 100% risk free to return everything. I will promise you have the availability to contact me 24/7 for support and advice! I want to help you reach your goals and I know the 21 day fix can do that. So you can’t go anywhere but in the right direction 🙂

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