THANK YOU for purchasing health advocation coaching! You MUST FILL OUT THE INFORMATION BELOW IN AN E-MAIL FOR ME TO be able to make your customized plan.  Email me with your information at: healthadvocation@gmail.com

Client Information Needed:

I want to help you the best that I can, so if you could include an in-depth explanation of the following about yourself in an e-mail when purchasing one of these programs, that would be awesome! I will response to you within three to four days for a plan for you. E-mail me your in-depth information directly after purchasing your package. I suggest before pictures, but if you’re not interested in sharing- that is completely okay as well, it helps me assess the body type better. If not, take one for yourself and track progress weekly with a new one.


Personal Goals:

Current Eating and Workout Schedule & Work Schedule

(It’s okay if there’s no current workout schedule; I’m just trying to see how I could tailor my plan for you with your current schedule) (Include your favorite cardio machine if you would like a training plan incorporating it)

What type of foods do you like to eat?

Share specific foods and type of snacks. I make grocery lists and want you to like your foods so this helps me design meal plans for you!

Do you take any supplements? (pre-workout/proteins/vitamins/fat-burners etc.)

Do you have any fitness devices that you regularly use? (Heart rate monitors, body-media band, pedometers)

How often are you willing to workout? This will help me adjust your plan if you have trouble getting to the gym some days.

Where do you do your workouts? (at home, a gym, outside etc.)

Preferred response: (from me with your plan)

Power Point/Microsoft Outline/Email Only/All of the above work for me

Where did you find my coaching page? Twitter/Instagram/Facebook/Friend

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